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Is there a way to sort assignment submissions by due date?

Question asked by KERRY CHANDLER on Sep 1, 2015

Say I have an assignment that is due on Monday. If a student turns it in on Monday, it is automatically a 100. If they turn it in on Tuesday, it is automatically a 70. If they turn it in any later than Tuesday, it is automatically a 50. If they don't turn it in, it is a zero. What I want to be able to do is look at a class and see at a glance who turned it in on Monday, who on Tuesday, and so on.


Currently, I can see this:


So, that one dash on the 5th row, that's a zero. But all of those others could be a 100 or a 70 or a 50. I can only determine that by clicking on each and every one, as far as I can tell. I have over 180 students. Is there no way to sort by submission date or set it to automatically assign a grade based on submission date so that I can do this more quickly?