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How can I use pagination at the root of a query in GraphQL?

Question asked by Chuck Crandall on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by James Jones

I'm trying to figure out this new-fangled GraphQL API with hopes of speeding up a few of our slower REST API queries. I'd like to get a list of all courses for a given account (including sub-accounts), but I'm not sure how to create that query using pagination on the allCourses endpoint. I've tried this in GraphiQL:

query MyQuery {
   allCourses {


And I get the first 10 entries. But if I try:

query MyQuery {    
  allCourses(start: 20) {...}

This gives me an error, saying "Unknown argument 'start'".


What am I missing? How do you do pagination for allCourses?


Thanks in advance for any help.