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Support for copying content associated with an LTI tool?

Question asked by Christopher Phillips on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Christopher Phillips

When an LTI tool associated with a course is copied to another course the LTI tool itself is copied to the new course, but my understanding from the past at least was that there was no way to communicate to the LTI tool that would relate the origin course with the new course. 


For example, if I have a Media LTI tool with videos associated with a specific course and then copy the course it will copy the Media LTI tool but there has not been a way to tell the Media LTI tool that the videos associated with the first origin course should also be associated with the new course the content was copied from. 


However, with New Quizzes operating as an LTI tool my understanding is that when you copy a course forward it also copies the associated quiz banks. I am trying to understand how this happens and if there is anything in the LTI specification or a way that an LTI tool can be built so that when it is copied from into a new course, it can know the course ID of the course it was copied from. Thanks!