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How do I begin an embedded google slideshow on a different slide?

Question asked by TYLER BAIRD on Aug 27, 2019

I have done this in the past and it was pretty easy. I think a setting has changed that disabled the way I used to go about this. Here is the code for my current slideshow that is embedded into canvas:


<p><iframe src="" width="100%" height="569" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" webkitallowfullscreen="webkitallowfullscreen" mozallowfullscreen="mozallowfullscreen"></iframe></p>


I used to be able to simply put "#slide=3" in between the "delayms=3000" and "width" portion that is underlined and in pink up above if I wanted the slideshow to automatically open up with the third slide - as opposed to making users click through the presentation to find the most recent and relevant information.


Now every time that I do this, the inserted information just disappears and the function does not work. Is there a way to tell the embedded slideshow to automatically open up and stay on a specific slide?