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How do I get Canvas to allow students to use Arc/Studio?

Question asked by Ispa Iadanza on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by Kristen Spain

I have several students where canvas will not let them use Studio/Arc and thus cannot complete verbal assignments. I have already made sure that they were following instructions by simply clicking on the record media button within an assignment. No success. I have already tried sending them to our tech team and they tell students that they do not support Canvas and that their teacher has to find a solution by contacting Canvas directly. It is extremely frustrating that I have to spend all my planning time trying to trouble shoot a resource that should stinking work. 


Here are the most common issues:

-they never get the pop up that asks them to allow usage -- so the app never loads

-they get a pop up that says their webcam is already in use  -- so the app auto closes

-video works but mic does not -- can see the video but there is no sound

-mic works but video does not -- can hear the recording no video

-mic capture is in and out -- there are pockets of dead space even though it is evident that students are still talking