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How can I print/create a PDF from Canvas?

Question asked by Michelle Shaffer on Aug 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by Bobby Pedersen

I have created a graded survey in Canvas for my students to complete a self-evaluation of their clinical performance.  I need to be able to print their responses to the survey along with my feedback to each of their responses for their permanent paper file in our department.


I tried to right click and select print, but that only prints the first page, and the info from the "Additional Comments" box only displays the first sentence or so - the rest is cut off.  I tried to use "Full Screen Capture" on Google Chrome, but that squeezes it all onto one page and it is too small to be read.  I tried copying and pasting all the info into a Word document, and though that seems to be the best option so far, the "Additional Comments" does not copy over.  I would have to copy the comments from each "Additional Comments" box for each answer and manually paste those, which is not feasible for 10 students in each class with 7 surveys each, and 12 questions per survey.


There must be a way to download all the info to a PDF which will include all the info in the survey?  If not, can Canvas make this happen?  Our department also has to keep copies of exams for accreditation, and there seems to be no easy way to copy the information to a file for our records, and being able to download a PDF would prove very useful.


Thank you in advance for your response!