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Why don't locations import with events when migrating a course from year-to-year?

Question asked by Jean-Scott Dodd on Aug 30, 2019

Is there a reason the location information is dropped out of calendar events when you import them from one course to another and change the dates? We use the Canvas calendar events to give our students information on the room their classes are in since it can be 3-4 different rooms a day depending on what we are doing (we are in a Medical School for reference). I am working on a draft for a Spring course we ran in Canvas last Spring and when I imported the calendar events and had them transposed to the new dates for this semester, everything transferred except the location information. The location is blank for every calendar event. It is a bit time consuming to go back and re-enter all of this information manually. Is this a flaw in the system or is there a reason this does not transfer?