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audio comment functionality (inline, not submission )?

Question asked by Liuchun Wang on Sep 1, 2019

I am a language teacher and I wonder if it is possible for students to do repeat-after-me exercises in Canvas?


I do not mean for students to record and upload audios in quizzes and assignments. What I want is a simple class activity where they can record their speaking practice or voice their comment to a question and playback.


I am currently using VoiceThread, which allows students to make audio/video comments to a video or slide. It is great. For institutional users of VoiceThread, they provide “consumer key and shared secret” to integrate VoiceThread into LMSs.  But I only bought a single instructor account of VoiceThread, which means I can only embed, not integrated VoiceThread into Canvas. My students need to register and log in a separate VoiceThread account to make voice comments, which deters some of them (see screenshot attached).  

It would be great if this repeat-after-me activity can be achieved within Canvas, instead of relying on external apps.

Anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks!