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Files - Greyed out in Content Selector & all uploaded images broken links

Question asked by Jim Ling on Sep 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by Jim Ling

We have two issues with our self hosted canvas installation.


The first one is when you edit a course and then a page the "files" section of the content selector is greyed out and we cant navigate the links either - Loading failed. 


shown in fig 1 attached.


The second issue is with uploading images and files they show as broken links even if you use the manual upload and select from local storage and if you use the embed option from the rich text editor. Here is an example of the link it creates and is showing broken and see fig 2 for how it looks in canvas..


<p><img src="/users/2/files/13/preview?verifier=PxTdxqWoz1oceUjWd9Cqdh2ruv9P1enhRegppPwP" alt="ATX Power.png" /></p>


It does the same with files like pdf and we have tried various types of image format.


I have looked around and tried with and without a separate files domain and also with image rights enabled and disabled. Nothing works.


also ran <domain>/error_reports and all that is there is shown in fig 3 which I don't know if are related ?.


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.