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The Quiz submitted by itself

Question asked by Hai Tran on Sep 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by Bobby Pedersen

Hi guys,

Some of the students came down and report to me this issue as the Assignment that they were doing just submitted by itself even though they have not hit the submit button yet. I double-checked the "due date" and the "available until date" to see if that the reason for this, but when I checked them, the quiz "due date" and the "available until date" is still 1 week away. Furthermore, there is no Time Limit on the quiz so I'm not sure what the reason to cause this.


Another issue is after the students submitted the Assignment and the Trainer add some comments on their answers. Some of the students' answers got wiped out.


I create these assignments as Quizzes. With the 1st assignment, there was no issue, but now this issue just suddenly appears on the second assignment. So does anyone knows what's the problem here? And how to prevent it for the later assignments?


Kind regards,

Hai Tran