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Some students doing peer review can't open documents in Speedgrader

Question asked by Jeff Smithpeters on Sep 3, 2019
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Many of my students are encountering this problem when they want to open drafts assigned to them for peer review: instead of seeing the paper they were sent already open and with the Speedgrader tools all lined up at the top, they are seeing a link to the file the paper they intend to review is on.  When they click on this link, they are given a dialogue box asking whether to save the document or simply open it.


When they open the document, it is in MS Word.  The result? Having to teach peer review techniques in both Speedgrader and MS Word.  


When those who see their peer review paper this way finish their peer review, they have to send this draft to its original writer as an attachment to a Canvas message.  But those lucky enough to be able to peer review using Speedgrader do not have to go through this process.


Is there a setting in Canvas that accounts for the automatic opening of MS Word rather than Speedgrader when a document link is clicked on?