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Prerequisite complete/incomplete

Question asked by ADAM ERICKSON on Sep 4, 2019
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I would like to be able to set a requirement on a module that an assignment is graded as "complete" by me.  


All of my assignments are worth "0" points, and I choose to grade them Complete/Incomplete.

Students are graded on assessments only, and I require that they complete (to an acceptable level) certain assignments before they are allowed to take exams.

When I set the requirement for an assignment to "score at least....."  my only choice is 0/0.  Unfortunately, if I grade a student as "incomplete" and expect them to resubmit, Canvas recognizes this as a 0/0 and students are able to progress to the exam before I'd like them to.


A work-around is to set the point value of an assignment to 1, and then select "do not count this assignment towards the final grade".  My issue with this is the "false" points that appear.  I would love a work around that doesn't award meaningless points.