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How can we change the role title of 'Teacher' to something else?

Question asked by Julia Young on Sep 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by Julia Young

I'm from a new training organisation setting up Canvas for the first time. For the default 'Teacher' role, we use the term 'Mentor' with our learners instead. We use the term 'Teacher' for our facilitators who are not consistent across the cohort, whereas the 'Mentor' is. Ideally, I'd like the default term in Canvas to show as 'Mentor' rather than 'Teacher' to avoid any confusion for our learners.


I know we can create new user role profiles, and could use one called 'Mentor', but the 'Teacher' will still show as the main instructor of the course etc.


I'm wondering if anyone in the past has used custom CSS/JS to do something like this?