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Canvas Data: how are the downloads working?

Question asked by siglinde on Sep 4, 2015
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can you explain what the monthly/daily download will look like exactly?

I was at the CanvasLive, but I am not sure I got this point.

For example: does "monthly download" mean that I will be able to download the daily data but only once at the end of the month? Or will I just get the monthly statistics for each user? And if only Data PRO has everyday online access, does this mean that the free-for-teacher accounts (I assume Data BASICS is for them) will no longer be able to see for example what is in the "Course Analytics" tab now?


Also, I would like to re-check if I got right your answer about the export format (at 11:20 you mentioned "flat files and tab delimited format" - which I looked up in the internet to make sure I understand what that is ;-)): so although Canvas Data will provide its own request tools, I will anyway be able to export both the analytics and the discussion posts for example into an excel sheet? And I don't need to be an admin to do this for the students data - my teacher account will be enough?


Last question: as a free-for-teachers user not belonging to an institution who already adopted Canvas, will I be able to use Canvas Data from the end of October? Whom should I let know about that (I don't have an institutional CSM...)?


Thank you in advance for any answer - and for your ongoing work on improving Canvas & patiently explain it to the larger public :-)