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Canvas teacher--speedgrader does not work on a tablet (my ipencil just pushes the pdf around vs writing on it)

Question asked by Bri Lavoie on Sep 6, 2019
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I am looking for help with 2 things:


1. Speedgrading on a tablet using an ipencil (so I can write on the pdf directly using a "pen"):  currently, when I access a pdf assignment, my ipencil just pushes the paper around, rather than writing on it, defeating the entire purpose of the speedgrader and electronic submission.  Instead I have to download the zip of all the assignments, import them into a pdf reader/annotator, grade/annotate with my ipencil (which is great), and then reupload.  Inefficient.


2. Seeing the gradebook in the teacher app:  I see that others want this too and I want to add my voice that seeing the gradebook is a basic task we need for instance to assess grades that our TAs have added to flag issues we need to review.  Or I would want to post grades (that were previously hidden) when all my TAs have finished grading.


Granted on a phone the gradebook would be awkward,  but on an 8X10"  tablet surface, it is as good as a laptop so please, add this functionality.  At least let me download the gradebook into excel and I can work from there. 


Bri Lavoie