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Download all submissions, not just the most recent

Question asked by JOHN WELLS on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by Kona Jones

When an assignment has multiple files submitted, I can see the individual submissions in speedgrader, but the download option only delivers the most recent submission.


As students finish parts of the assignment they submit them over several class periods.  How does one download all work, not just the most recent?


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I am the instructor and have read/followed the guidelines for downloading a zip file of assignment submissions.


The problem is this:  If a student submits multiple documents to an assignment on different sessions only the most recent is downloaded when using the download feature.  For example, a student turns in one file on Monday, another on Wednesday, a third at 11:45AM on Friday and then the last at 1:00PM on Friday.  Only the last of those four documents appears in the zip file when downloading them.


In speedgrader, there is a dropdown menu that appears on the right column navigation pane that allows one to select those different submission instances and view the files, but not being able to retrieve a copy is problematic for many reasons.


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