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I need access to TCHE2491 and TCHE2514

Question asked by Richard Johnson on Sep 8, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

I have an urgent issue. I coordinate TCHE2491 and TCHE2514... The same courses taught at different campuses. TCHE2491 is the parent... 2514 is meant to be the mirror image... I now cannot see 2514... BUT 2491 has the full list of students. The students at the Brunswick Campus NEED to see their course TCHE 2514 and submit their assignments. It just needs to be a mirror image of TCHE2491. Students are currently submitting assignments. PLEASE HELP!!!


ALSO, Laurie Werrett, the tutor of TCHE2514 at Brunswick Campus can't even see the Grades and Students submissions for TCHE2491. Laurie needs to have full access to TCHE2491 and TCHE2514. As coordinaroe I thought I have given him permission and that's what it shows, but he cant see the grades and submissions of TCHE2491. Please HELP!


Thank You