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Assignment APi - Update Html_url field problem

Question asked by Alexandre Schneider on Sep 9, 2019

Hello community o/ 


I have a proctoring tool that is working fine on my off-line enviroment. Now i need to create a integration beetween my service and Canvas, but i'm kinda lost. 


I already have a lti integration with canvas using oAuth2. What i'm trying to do: 


Create a admin panel, just like Respondus panel, to mark as "Checked" each assignment that will be proctored. The point is: When i mark one assignment as checked, i dont know how to change the url from that assignment to my service.


I looked up assingment api:

There is a field: 


but this field is not editable from the api (tested on the live API and directly on my integration). 


How can i make canvas understand that i checked as "Proctored" and instead of opening the assignment itself, open another page to make the checks i need and if all goes ok, send the student back to the assingment itself. 



Edit: Partner program will help achieving what i asked!



Alexandre Schneider