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Luminis Message Broken

Question asked by Mike Mitchell on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Stuart Ryan

Esteemed Developers and Admins (originally posted over in that group),


We are a medium-sized university that uses Banner and the Luminis Message Broker to interact with Canvas.


The LMB takes Banner events (e.g. student enrollments, course drops, faculty enrollments, course changes, etc.) and pushes them into Canvas in real time.


At least this is how it should work. We've had to manually push enrollments this semester, drop students, update course rosters, change course names, etc. because our LMB is moody and depressed. It sits on YouTube all day and watches sloth videos.


Has anyone out there created or found an alternative to the Luminis Message Broker for Canvas? If not, is anyone interested in joining forces and creating one?


I might be too naive to understand the scope of a project like this, but better living through automation, right?