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Question Bank links lost when duplicating quiz.

Question asked by David Arrow on Sep 10, 2019

Question Bank links lost when duplicating quiz.


I have a quiz with Question Groups that pulls questions from question banks.  I went to make a copy of that quiz using the Import Course specific content work around  (since there is no one-click copy item option).  I successfully made a copy of that quiz, however none of the questions that were pulling questions from question banks worked because they were no longer linked to any question banks.


Furthermore, when I went to edit these questions to link them up to the correct data base, the blue "Link to a Question Bank" option did not appear, so there is no way when editing the question to link them up to a question bank.  I had to delete the questions and then make completely new questions, which totally defeated the purpose of duplicating the quiz.  I basically just made a new quiz from scratch.  


Is there something I am doing wrong.... a better way to accomplish this, or is this an issue with the Canvas programming?