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Merge canvas.instructure and school.instructure

Question asked by Brian Donohue on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

Hello All,


This is my first time using Canvas and I think I may have screwed something up. My school has a Canvas account set up through the district. I set up an account through a training session last year at one point but have not used it. Over the summer, I set up a new account on the free teacher Canvas. So now, I have two canvas accounts tied to the same email account. 


The two, I guess, domains are oben.instrucure and canvas.instructure. So my question is, can these two be merged? Its starting to really screw me up. I had all of my kids sign up through the free one, and that is not integrating with their other teachers who are in the school account, things are not showing up in their dashboard.


Could really use some help!