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'Past Enrollment' = Enrolment Status of 'Concluded'?

Question asked by James Mundey on Sep 11, 2019
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Hi all,


Please could you advise if a course in a user's Past Enrollment list by default indicates that the enrolment status for that user's enrolment on the course is Concluded.


I can't find anything that explicitly confirms the above i.e. that the status of a user's enrolment must be 'Concluded' for it to appear in that user's Past Enrollments list.


Or does a 'past enrollment' simply indicate that the section, course or term dates are in the past? In which case, could the enrolment status of a user in a course still be 'Active' even when the course is listed in the 'past enrollments' list?


So to repeat - is a Past Enrollment one and the same as a user's enrolment status on a course being set to 'Concluded'?


(NB I have already accessed the materials about the 4 Canvas enrolment statuses - Active, Concluded, Inactive, Deleted - but the specific question above is not answered by those materials).


Many thanks