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allowing students to see results despite a locked assignment?

Question asked by Sara Nagreen on Sep 12, 2019

I have a prof  who discovered that students were submitting an assignment late.


However, if he uses the "Assign" area, and says "Everyone" has access from 9/1 -9/10, then students cannot go back after 9/10 and look at their results to review them.


And if he allows the students to see the correct answers (he can set that in Options), they won't be able to see those correct answers after the 9/10 deadline in the "assign" area.


What he really wants is a way to not allow the students to take the assignment late, but still allow those students who did do the assignment to see the correct answers.  


I wonder if there could be another group like "Everyone" in the Assign area, but be a group that is "students who have completed this assignment" and another group that is "students who have not completed this assignment" and then give them the option to go back and review the content.


Maybe this functionality already exists, and I just don't know about it.