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Scores Not Populating In Gradebook (Quizzes Next)

Question asked by Brian Rigwald on Sep 12, 2019
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I have a situation that is causing a major headache right now.  I am teaching a course and students have to move through the items in order and for some items, receive a minimum score.  For some students, it is working just as anticipated.  For others, however, their scores for a "quiz" assignment aren't being automatically entered into the gradebook.  Instead there is a a symbol and it appears to be waiting for me to manually enter a score.  This is causing a problem, since even though the student did get the minimum required score, the next item is not available to them.


For some students they did retakes of the assignment and got earned the required score.  For others, it was the score from their first attempt.


What could be causing this?  Is it possibly related to due dates?  It has unlimited attempts and only a due date assigned.