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extra credit quiz issue

Question asked by YOLANDA CHAPMAN on Sep 12, 2019

I followed these instructions. where do I see the extra credit points factor in?

I waited for students to complete then graded them. Once I changed from 4 point quiz to 0 point survey...all the number points went back to airplane (not graded symbol) then when I went back into speedgrader it showed until I "updated the grades", those students got a 0 displayed. I tried adding fudge points at the end?

best way to fix? should I have done it another way?



  1. Create a quiz in Canvas
  2. Provide point values for each question with the total being equal to the maximum number of extra credit points for this assignment
  3. Publish the quiz and have the students take the quiz
  4. Once the quiz period is over and the students' quiz scores are in the gradebook edit the quiz as follows:
  5. Change the Quiz type to a Graded Survey worth 0 Points
  6. The number of points the students originally earned on the quiz will not change: the only thing that is changed is the type (Quiz to Survey) and the number of points possible (X points to 0 points)
  7. The student will then receive those points earned on the quiz as extra credit points