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Un-do grade change for some, but not all, of class?

Question asked by Beck Hasti on Sep 12, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by Beck Hasti

So, one of my TAs messed up and accidentally gave everyone in the class (500 students) a participation score instead of just his section. Since I didn't save the gradebook immediately before he did this, am I correct in understanding that there is no way to fix this?


I understand that I can view the entire Gradebook history, but given that there are 12 TAs, 32 discussion sections, and 500 students, that's a lot to dig through (even if I use filters). I don't suppose there is any way to download the Gradebook history, say, into a csv file or something? Even browsing requires time for Canvas to fetch more info (about 10 or 15 changes at a time, which for a class of 500....).