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Need assistance with the proper structure of a CSV file for importing

Question asked by Cary Peskin on Sep 13, 2019

I was attempting a course copy to bring over a few selected assignments from the same course just a different section and inadvertently selected all assignments.  Unfortunately there is no rollback feature (that I am aware of) which could have addressed this issue.  The updated grade book now shows duplicate assignments and I am looking for a way to cull out the duplicates.  I am considering using the Export/Import feature and could use some guidance on the steps involved.  I would like to export the grade book from the corrupted course; delete all the assignments from the corrupted course; import the assignments from the known, good course; and then import the CSV file back into the refreshed course.  Am I inviting trouble or should I go through the corrupted course assignments and delete the duplicates (several hundred) on a one-by-one basis?