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Canvas Student iOS App Version 6.6.3

Question asked by Steve Hartnett on Sep 14, 2019

This is our school district's first year with Canvas as our Learning Management System. We are a 1-to-1 iPad district and therefore our students use the Canvas Student iOS app exclusively. Some of our students were experiencing issues with submitting assignments in the Canvas Student app version 6.6.2. Students would attempt to submit an assignment (normally a PDF file that students annotated using the Canvas Student app markup tools) and one of several things would occur:

  • Students would receive an submission error message 
  • Nothing would happen, but the file would appear in the submission folder with a students files. The teacher never received the file.
  • Students would click submit assignment several times until the successful submission notification appeared.


With the update to Canvas Student version 6.6.3 we were optimistic that the submission issue would be fixed. We selected several students to update the app and it appears that the submissions issue was resolved.


However, the problem now is that any course file that contained student annotations (course files that are not assignments... like class notes, study guides, etc.), the annotations were deleted. We would like to continue to test to see if the submission issue was actually resolved, but we do not want students to lose any annotations that they have made on a course file.


Any insight would be appreciated!


Thank you!