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"Undo" Anonymous Peer Reviews

Question asked by Nahrissa Rush on Sep 14, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by Ken Black



I have assigned anonymous peer reviews to an assignment, but for grading purposes need to access and use the annotation tools in SpeedGrader. I discovered here in the Q&A forum, that when anonymous peer reviews are assigned, the annotation tools are disabled. This is INCREDIBLY frustrating as the SpeedGrader's annotation functions are essential to the grading of this assignment. 


So my question is this: if I "uncheck" that the peer reviews are to be anonymous, will this then "un-anonymize" the existing peer reviews? Can I recheck the anonymous function after I have finished grading and the reviews will revert to anonymous? It is as far as I can tell impossible to check this with the test student function. 


Any help is appreciated as this is taking away precious grading time. 


Thank you,