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Blueprint and Published Status

Question asked by Nancy LaChance on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by Nancy LaChance

Blueprint gurus -- We have been using Blueprint for some time and a new question has surfaced. We use Blueprints for our course shells and have key content locked (in all ways). Our campus faculty, however, can add new content and replace a subset of existing content.  They do this by unpublishing some items (such as discussions) and replacing those items with their own content.  


We are receiving complaints that when syncs are pushed, the unpublished items are republished AND new content disappears.


Based on everything I have read to date, new content should NOT disappear in the sync process. It may get re-ordered within the modules.  Can you confirm this has been your experience?


However, I am truly NOT sure about published status. Is there any piece of the LOCKED status that controls whether Blueprint syncs the published/unpublished status of ITEMS?