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Cannot use the LTI1.3 Context ID for a names and roles request.

Question asked by Atli Gislason on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by Atli Gislason

Hi everyone

I am creating an LTI 1.3 Tool that calls Canvas's names and roles service, specifically the following endpoint




One would assume that :course_id in this endpoint could mean both Canvas's id for the course as well as the LTI 1.3 context_id that is returned in the request.

However when using the LTI1.3 course id, the request simply returns 404 resource not found.

See here the difference:

Calling with ID = 1. (Canvas course ID)

Calling with the LTI1.3 context id


Is this the intended outcome? Is this a bug?

I don't understand why this wouldn't support the context_id since using Canvas's own id just means more overhead for the developers.


Great thanks if any fellow developer can provide any help.



Atli Gislason