Elizabeth George

Group work with a Sydney school

Discussion created by Elizabeth George on Sep 16, 2019

Hi i am looking for schools to partner with us to do group work. We could start off small with one group to see how it goes. ie 2 students from my school and 2 students from your school. It could be an enrichment activity requiring students to create  a powerpoint or webpage comparing each others places 

  1. Year 7 – what it is like living where you do
  2. Year7 what landforms and landscapes exist where you are
  3. Year 8 – what places attract tourists to your area
  4. Year 8- what water issues are in your area
  5. Year 9 – where is food grown that comes to your city/town
  6. Year 9 – how is your city/town changing – is it good or bad and why
  7. Year 10 – what inequalities exist in your state
  8. Year 10 what environmental management issues are in your statePlease email me at egeorge@tara.nsw.edu.au   if interested