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Online lab assignment checklist for evaluators

Question asked by Steve Barry on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Steve Barry

Our institution teaches health courses. We use Canvas for all homework assignments. However, we would like to use Canvas to grade students when they are in the lab performing procedures. We would like an interactive checklist for the instructor/evaluator to mark as the student completes the lab assignment.


For example,

1. Did student wash hands before starting procedure (Y) (N)?

2. Did student inform patient of all steps in the procedure before performing the procedure (Y) (N)?


Finally, if possible, we would want the grade to appear in the gradebook.


I initially thought a Quiz or Survey would work. However, quizzes are assigned to students and I wouldn't want them to have access until after the checklist is complete (I hope that makes sense), only the instructor.  (I could still do this but just not publish or make accessible to student until after but I am trying to eliminate as many steps as possible).


I have also considered an interactive PDF. But that wouldn't be a gradable assignment and the instructor would need to enter a grade.


Has anyone created an assignment(s) similar to this idea? Thank you, in advance, for your thoughts and ideas!