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how can I get started with Caliper?

Question asked by Daniel Lopez on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Peter Franza

I just started doing some research on Caliper, and I'd love some pointers.

As with any standard that I've tried so far, the learning curve is steep  the amount of information is overwhelming and sometimes is not easy to digest


Some of the questions I have are:


Will I be able to send events/messages from my tool to Canvas?

How do I use the sensor API in canvas?

Do I need an LTI launch to get the initial actor data? how do I build the actor data otherwise?

does this work with LTI 1.1/1.3?


I found this 

Caliper v1.1 Guide - Table of Contents 


But it really doesn't say much was taking a look at 

IMS Caliper Analytics Best Practice Guide | IMS Global Learning Consortium 


and found 

GitHub - IMSGlobal/caliper-php: This is a draft implementation of the Caliper Sensor API written in PHP 


It says that we have to send a message to the store event like this.


But where/how do I get the apikey, what do I put in the host?


Any insight or resources would be helpful. Thanks!