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Assignment dates not shifting correctly from template to new course

Question asked by Heather Cherewaty on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by Heather Cherewaty

I'm using an automation platform to automate new content migrations in canvas.  My issue has to do with shifting dates correctly from the template to the new course.  I'm using the content migration end point to create a new content migration for my course with the following parameters:  


migration type:  course_copy_importer
settings[source_course_id]:  Course template ID
date_shift_options[old_start_date]:  Start date from Course template
date_shift_options[new_start_date]:  Start date of the new course
date_shift_options[old_end_date]:  End date from Course template
date_shift_options[new_end_date]:  End at date of the new course
date_shift_options[shift_dates]:  true
It seems that when I use the UI AND when I use the API to perform a content migration, neither shift/adjust the dates correctly.  Some dates ARE perfectly placed within the new start and end dates, while others are not.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I want to be able to have my new assignment due dates correspond to the correct days within the new start and end dates.  It's my understanding that this  ought to be possible.