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Are there more keyboard shortcuts for grading in SpeedGrader?

Question asked by Greg Moore on Sep 21, 2019
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When I'm grading on Canvas in a browser on a PC I would like to move through students and assignments without needing to reach for a mouse or touchpad. Right now I have only found "j" & "k" to move to next/previous student - and these only work if I am "active" in the grading section (right side of screen.) It seems I need to use my mouse/touchpad to jump between a student submission, i.e. to scroll though pages to read an assignment (on left side of SpeedGrader screen) and then use the mouse again to get back to the Grade and Comment sections (on the right side.) There should be a simple keyboard shortcut for navigation between these sections. Is there a way to do this without mouse/touchpad that I am just missing?