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One Course - 2 sections, 2 instructors who can't access all content - possible?

Question asked by Michelle Pilati Corselli on Sep 22, 2019

I'm hesitant about asking this question - but let me give it a try. We have instances where two sections are combined to make one course and one grade. This could be a lecture/lab combination or a course with a support corequisite. The student's experience in Canvas should be seamless - logging in once and accessing one shell to get to the resources for both parts of the course. And there would be one grade book.


So - two sections are being combined, all students are in both sections.


Is there a way to limit the instructor's access to only his or her content? Is there a way to associate content within a course to a section and then limit each instructor to that section's content?


I'm betting "no" and then hoping for someone to offer a brilliant work-around.


Yes, the issue is a faculty not wanting to share resources with others.