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Can an instructor join a student group? How?

Question asked by Rhonda Rye on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Stefanie Sanders

How do I view/join student groups? I want to view and also actually JOIN their group to see what they see before I tell them about their groups in class.  But when I click on 'People' while in Student View mode, then click on Groups and select a group I've created, there is a lock  on the right side. When I scroll over the lock the message states "Group is joined by Invitation only" and it won't let me go further.  I'm unable to join a student group to view as they do. I can click the group name and see the students I've assigned to a group, but can't leave this page to see what they see. Am I missing something? Is an instructor unable to join a student group? Is the only way to visit a group homepage done by clicking the 'Visit Group Homepage?" I can't seem to assign a test student or myself to any of the groups to join them or see all the student sees when they access their group page.