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Assessment Planning Application

Question asked by Pariwat Plienpoo on Sep 24, 2019
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My name is Pariwat Plienpoo, undergraduate student from RMIT University. There is a project on my enrolled course, Applied Entrepreneurship, which require a student to come up with a business idea and opportunity. However, there are several critical assumptions that I have to test and one of them is "Will Canvas willing to share their information about the courses taken by university student with us?".


Basically, my business idea is to launch an application platform (Canvas Integration application) on mobile device for students to ease on planning and working on their class assessments. The application requires student to login their student account and sync the data of courses taken from the University and the Canvas application. The application will provide several benefits:

  • Arranging the assignments, quizzes, presentations, and tests on the specific due date which can also be viewed on a connected calendar application to help students to manage their working period with their personal schedule.
  • Generating notification to the user for seven, three, and one day prior the due date to encourage and remind student about the assignment.

The application will be launched as a freemium model. Suggested time to start and complete each assignment, recommended textbooks and additional video lessons will be provided in the premium version of application. The application is generated from the problem among university student that burdened from multiple assessments when student is lazy to plan or did not have a well-plan on their work and did not aware of the assessments.


So, I am hereby to enquire whether it is possible for Canvas to share course information from university with my application.Robbie Grant AdminScott DennisLaura Batten Your recommendation about my business @idea would be beneficial for my assessment. If the answer is no, can you please provide the reason of denying?


Thank you for your time.


Pariwat Plienpoo