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Puzzled About Grade Calculations

Question asked by George Halsell on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2015 by Kona Jones

As a newbie to Canvas, I'm perplexed at how the gradebook calculates grades. For instance, I have eight graded assignments, each worth different point totals, in the same group (Assignments). Some of these are true "assignments," while others are quizzes. In the case of one student, this person completed seven of the eight assignments, earning a zero on the uncompleted one. If I were to display the results of each assignment as a percentage, this student would have averaged roughly 97% on the completed assignments. When the zero is factored in, the student should still have approximately an 85% average. However, the gradebook shows this student as having an average of about 67%. Is the gradebook calculating the overall percentage on points earned vs. possible? if so, is there a way to change the calculation to an average of the percent score on each assignment? Because at the present time Canvas does not allow the display of quiz results as percentages, I feel I need to display all results as points earned, so I am wondering if that is the reason for the discrepancy in averages.


Here are some notes on my gradebook, in no particular order: First, I have three weighted categories in the gradebook, of which Assignments counts 20% (each of the other two are worth 40% each); right now the only scores are Assignments. Second, I do not have the gradebook set to count ungraded assignments as zeroes. Third, my grading scheme is 90-100% = A, 80-89% = B, etc. Fourth, two of the grades (so far) are from quizzes taken within McGraw-Hill's Connect that arrive in the Canvas gradebook after periodic syncing of the two. Finally, all of my assignments have total points entered, and none are muted.


Thanks for any guidance everyone can offer.