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Courses loading shifted?

Question asked by Jessica Runtz on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Matt Hanes

For some reason in my school, many of us have had the problem you'll see below:





Basically our classes are loading shifted far to the right. As you can see, from inside a course all of the left hand navigation is gone. This is happening to us no matter what device or browser we are logging in from. To our knowledge, we have changed no settings that would cause this.


My account has thankfully gone back to normal, but several of my coworkers are still having this issue. I have no idea what I did (or if I even did anything) to make mine go back to normal.


Any ideas or help would be wonderful. I tried to submit a ticket back when this was happening to me, but unfortunately I haven't heard anything back yet.