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CLEVER now adds more work...

Question asked by Michael McCoy on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by Michael Zimmerman

We as a school just transitioned to using CLEVER to operate our Canvas courses for our middle school classes. I teach music and have 9 different classes with a total of 276 students.

Choir 3rd Period

Choir 7th Period

Strings 2nd Period

Strings 5th Period

Digital Comp 1st Period

Digital Comp 4th Period

Digital Comp 6th Period Blue

Digital Comp 6th Period Red

Digital Comp 8th Period 


When I create an assignment it takes way more work since I used to only update 3 pages



Digital Comp


Although it is great to have CLEVER self populate my classes and update the student lists automatically, now us teachers are struggling to keep up with updating each classes assignments in an efficient way. It has put a couple hours of unexpected work on our shoulders.


Is there a way to link the classes together? For instance, my 5 Digital Comp classes have a "Control" page that they are linked to whenever you make changes to or add assigments without using COMMONS. COMMONS takes a bit too long and if you want to update an assignment or have a mistake on a due date or typo you now have to manually delete all shared assignments...etc...