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Change point value in Quizzes.Next question

Question asked by Yvonne Wittmann on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2020 by Ronda Yoder

I've created a quiz to test out each of the question types in Quizzes.Next. As another test, I've put some of the questions into a couple different question banks. I want to change the point value for my matching question from 1 to 10, but when I edit the question, I cannot find a place to put in a new point value. I am not seeing the same as what's in the screenshot shown in the Canvas how-to. It looks like it should be at the bottom of the question when I get the edit screen, but it's not there.


Also, I see that when I'm in the Build part of the quiz, there is a left page navigation with "12pts" at the top. But when I hit Return and look at it on the Assignments page, it says the quiz is worth 10 points. I can't figure how to edit either one so that they are at least consistent.


UPDATE: It's been almost 24 hours and I'm looking at this issue again. This time I have found how to change the point value— it has to be done before going into the question bank. I don't know if there was a glitch yesterday and it wasn't showing up, or if I just didn't see it. So that is resolved.

BUT what is unresolved is that the point value showing up in Build left navigation is correct, whereas when I view it in Assignments, the point value is still showing the original point value I'd given it. It is not syncing to the updated points.


AND now I just discovered that you have to go to edit in the Assignment list ("..." on the right of the bar) and change the points there. So that is an extra step that would have to be done if you update your quizzes' point values.


I have answered the question myself. But I'm leaving this here in case someone else is looking for an answer, too.