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Moving existing courses to sub-account

Question asked by Michael Brown on Sep 25, 2019
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Trying to assign existing course to a new sub-account

51432,NURS*1200*30,20/SP NURS*1200*30 Nursing Care Chronic Illness,GC-NURS,active
51433,NURS*2400*30,20/SP NURS*2400*30 Nursing Care Complex Illness,GC-NURS,active
53405,MEDA*1600*30,20/SP MEDA*1600*30 Medical Assisting Procedures,GC-NURS,active
53406,MEDA*1970*30,20/SP MEDA*1970*30 Medical Assist Clinical Pract,GC-NURS,active


Upload had nor error, not seeing courses in the GC-NURS sub-account