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Conclude a course and prevent read-only?

Question asked by Nancy Latimer on Sep 7, 2015
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I understand that if you "conclude a course," the course is still open to students for "read-only." I would like to prevent them from being able to access the course at all, without having to delete it altogether. I know if I unpublish it, they cannot click on it in their "Past Enrollments."  Is this the only solution?


One college had advised their teachers to go in to courses that have ended and change things like quiz settings that allowed students to see the answers - because you don't want "Past Enrollment" students to pass that info on to "current enrollment students." This is what I am worried about, having to remember stuff like this. It would be easier to be able to conclude the course and choose "read-only" as a potential option, or "no access" at all.


Thanks for any help/ideas!




Nancy Latimer

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