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Progression through modules for 1 student

Question asked by Oscar Danielsson on Sep 27, 2019
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[edit: it seems the question didn't get added so I have added it below here. Thank you for the good answer anyhow but for completion here comes the fully formulated question.]

We have a distance course that is based on modules. The course has three parts (we actually call them modules which is confusing but it pre-dates our move to Canvas, here module refers to Canvas-moduels). The first part has 8 modules, 1 for each week.


For each week they have a set of video-lectures, a quiz, and some study-questions. To unlock the next module they need to watch the lectures and have a full score on the quiz (it's 8 questions, unlimited attempts and they see which questions they get wrong with some hints based on their answer).


One student has been able to pass the first module, watched the videos and passed the quiz. But on the second module the videos are not registered as watched. The quiz is passed for the student but despite multiple attempts and with different web-browsers (Chrome and Firefox) the videos are not registered as watched. No other student have reported an issue (there are more than a 100 of them) and I can see in progression that other students have been able to move pass module 2.


The student experimented and tried to work pass it. The videos lie on a link to a repository we have. The student tried to disable the ad-blocker for both the video-site and for Canvas and then one of the videos were marked as watched. But the reamining two videos could not be marked as watched after this when trying the same approach.


Is this a known issue? Are there any workarounds?


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