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Course name is Unnamed even if I supply name argument

Question asked by Nirav Majethiya on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by Alexander Kaufmann

Hello concern,


I'm not able to add course name even if I'm supplying name of course in the create course POST API, with name argument.


Below is the request params
Method: POST
Data (type: application/JSON)
"name" : "API Development Using NodeJS",
"course_code" : 1,
"start_at" : "2019-09-27T11:43:36.174Z",
"end_at" : "2019-10-27T11:43:36.174Z",
"license" : "private",
"is_public" : true,
"is_public_to_auth_users" : false,
"public_syllabus" : true,
"public_syllabus_to_auth" : false,
"public_description" : "This course will help you to learn how to create APIs using NodeJS. If you know the basics of NodeJS, this course will help you to create standard APIs",
"allow_student_wiki_edits" : false,
"allow_wiki_comments" : true,
"allow_student_forum_attachments" : true,
"open_enrollment" : true,
"self_enrollment" : true,
"restrict_enrollments_to_course_dates" : true,
"term_id" : 1,
"sis_course_id" : 1,
"integration_id" : 1 ,
"hide_final_grades" : true,
"apply_assignment_group_weights" : true,
"time_zone" : "Asia/Kolkata",
"offer" : true,
"enroll_me" : true,
"default_view" : "feed",
"syllabus_body" : "This is dummy syllabus body",
"enable_sis_reactivation" : false


So many other arguments are also not working like time_zone, course_code, end_at etc.
Can anybody tell me what am I missing here ?