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Create a script to check a course for Syllabus

Discussion created by Steven Gutierrez on Sep 27, 2019
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Hello, I've been tasked to find a better solution than to verify one course at a time if it has a Syllabus exists.  I would like to do this per term.  I've been told that it can be accomplished using a JSON script with powershell, but I have no experience doing this.  I also don't know how to set up an environment where I can output to a file using the API calls as I also don't have any experience with API coding.  This is to help a quality control team be more efficient to their task.


I know a few of you came across this dilemma.  If there is a solution, can you please provide a blueprint code and comment the areas where I need to put in my values for access token, etc.?  Also, any tool you used and how to install it would help as well.