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How can I integrate canvas for certification?

Question asked by Nirav Majethiya on Sep 28, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by Stuart Ryan



We are looking for customised solution for canvas product.

We have working system where we have implemented flow for the certification. 
Our client needs to integrate Canvas with our product so please let us know the possible feasibility. 


Certification flow in our application is as follows,
  1.  Institute creates certificate template in to the system.
  2.  Course is added by an institute. (Course Name, Course Category, Template, Course Number, Course Description)
  3. Batch is created and students are invited for that batch. Batch is then finalised in blockchain. Once batch is finalised, it can not be altered. (Batch Name, Batch Number, Max Student, Course, Start Date, End Date, Certificate Issue Expiry Date, Branch)
  4. Certificate for that batch will be issued in blockchain. (Certificate Name, Course, Batch)
Fields that are given in braces are compulsory fields.

Based on the above flow that we have, what are the possible integrations that we can make, if we want to use canvas for LMS ?