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Providing updates to General Answer Comments in a Quiz

Question asked by Ronald Meade on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Stefanie Sanders

I need to know how to provide updates to the General Answer Comments within a Quiz so students can reference it for studying for a text/exam.  When I begin grading Quizzes, I often find the need to correct the answer key for Essay and Fill-In questions due to mistakes or omissions.  For example, since Canvas provides no support for wildcards in the answers for fill-in questions, I cannot predict every possible valid answer (with spelling) initially.


Students need to be able to see my updates to the answer keys for later reference, but they say they cannot see them.  I also cannot see them if I re-enter SpeedGrader - all I see are my original answers.  I'm not asking to "regrade" the Quiz; I just need to have a way to distribute the updated answer comments.


This is the only way I have been able to make it work, and it is a painstaking process that results in an unreadable mess:


  1. Open the Quiz for editing.
  2. Manually open every question for editing.
  3. Manually expand every question box so the full text is visible.
  4. Manually open every General Answer Comments box, and expand them so the full text is visible.
  5. Screen print the whole page.


The resulting image is impossible to read because it is a screen print that only shows what graphically was displayed.  (Multi-fill-ins are hidden from view).  Is there a means to provide the ability for students to see updated answers within Canvas?  Currently, when students re-open a taken Quiz, they see everything the way it was, including the old answers.  The same applies to the SpeedGrader.


UPDATE: Another option I found is to pretend to take a Quiz using the Student View, submit it, then print the screen.  It still shows a lot of graphics that hide some of the answers, but the appearance is slightly more readable.